Hi There! This is Rimmy

Hi There! Before getting started with Orange Excel, I want you to know me better. I am Rimmy (a.k.a. Harmeet), currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Well, I won’t classify myself as Excel Expert; however, I am an Excel Enthusiast (or you can say a Fan!!!). The more I learn about it, more I fall in love with it. There is so much MS Excel can offer that can never claim that you know it all.

My love for Excel started when I was working for an EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) Company and my Manager gave me a report to build insights out of it. It was the first time I came to know about Conditional Formatting and I was extremely thrilled. I was fascinated by the type of work that can be done with excel and after that, there was no stopping me. I started learning more and more about Excel, Advanced Functions, Pivot Tables & Charts,  and Basics of VBA.

And finally, there came a point in my life when I quit my work and started as a freelancer Excel Trainer in Mumbai, India. I have given numerous corporate training for Excel and VBA in companies like Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Metro, Spin TV, BSES, Navitus Education, Number Tree etc. In the meanwhile, we decided to move to Canada hence I wrapped up everything, with an idea to do the same in Canada.

After coming to Canada I started working for State Street Financials. guessed it from the term financials, there was so much work to do on excel and I loved every bit of it. Up till now, my knowledge of excel was limited to workbook functions only and very little VBA. But the nature of work pushed me to explore and learn more about Advanced VBA. I created the tool for generating daily insight reports out of a .csv file on click of a button, Manager’s Dashboard, Team’s Work schedule and numerous other tools and workbooks. Creating tools for dead monotonous jobs, creating insights out of dull reports, and generating more productivity gives me a sense of achievement. And now when I feel the time is right to follow my passion and start working as a freelance trainer and Excel Automation Expert.

My new Venture –  Orange Excel

At, Orange Excel, I have just one aim, and that is, ‘To help you work smarter’. I believe work should be creative and inspiring. I believe in software taking over the dull work so that you can focus on creative and value-added work. MS Excel has worked wonders for me and I am sure it will work wonders for you too.

Creating a Blog, Website and Digital presence are new to me. This is just a beginning and there is so much to learn. Please share your valuable comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog and knowing me better. This is just the start of our many conversations, and there is plenty more to come.

P.S. Apart from Excel I am Health and Science enthusiast too. So you might get a blog or two on those topics as well (Maybe on the days when I am angry with Excel). And as always Be Awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Hi There! This is Rimmy”

  1. Hi,
    First of all very congratulations to you for following ur dream. Hope u’ll get much more than my expectations.
    I don’t have any idea about excel, accept basic excel. I want to learn it thoroughly. Plz help me with ur program. I don’t want to be expert, but want to gain advance knowledge in excel.

  2. I’ve seen people growing up the ladder too fast in organisations with their Excel skills.
    Doesn’t matter how good Tableau or Power BI do, still top management wants an Excel report..

    And It feels great to see you here… Accepting the challenge…. to help the people grow up the ladder… Fill organization’s skill gap… Increase productivity… And make the life SIMPLE.

    1. Thanks, Surjan

      Even I feel Excel will remain on top for many coming years just because of its flexibility. You can customize your data in any format you want in Excel

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