How to use Freeze Panes in Excel

Are you someone who deals with huge tables in Excel? Are you often lost when looking for data? Let’s look at one of the most overlooked features of Excel named Freeze Panes.

Consider you are working on a table in which the top row is the header and signifies what a certain data refers to. When you move down to the table usually that header row is gone. Same applies to data that vary across various columns.

Freeze Top Most Row / First Column

In Excel, you can freeze your top row (or your first column), such that when you move down or across the first row does not scroll along with other data. You need to go to View Menu → Freeze Panes → Freeze Top Row (Or if you want to freeze First column select Freeze First Column)

Now if you see when we scroll down the first column will remain in its place.

Freeze any number of rows and/ or columns

However, these two options work well if you have your header in first row or column. What if you want your first 3 rows to be freezed and/or first 4 columns to be freezed. Here’s where the first option of Freeze panes come to our rescue. Take the below table. In this table, I want my first 3 rows, which contains main heading and column headers to be freezed. So what I can do is select the cell A4 (4th cell in the first column) then go to View Menu → Freeze Panes → Select option Freeze Panes. 

Why selecting the 4th cell in the first column is Important? Its because the Freeze Panes will always freeze all the rows above the selected cell. Hence if I want my top 3 rows to be freezed, I need to select the cell in the 4th row. Similarly, if I want my top 6 rows to be freezed I will have to select a cell in the 7th Row.

Same is the case with freezing columns, If you want your say first 2 columns to be freezed, you need to select a cell in the 3rd column and the go-to View menu → Freeze Panes → Select Option Freeze Panes. And if you want first 5 columns to be freezed then select a cell in the 6th column.

Now what if you want both, as in our previous example, say you want first 3 rows to be freezed and first 2 columns to be freezed. In this case, you need to select the cell which is on 4th row and 3rd column. hence the cell C4, and then select the option of Freeze Panes, as shown below.

Unfreeze Panes

When you already have freeze panes activated in your sheet, you will notice that the option in the View Menu → Freeze Panes, convert to Unfreeze Panes. You can select this option if you want to remove the freeze panes from your sheet.

Hope this article helped you. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions. And Be Awesome

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